We’ve hosted many group retreats here – leadership teams, staff members, and volunteer teams from several church denominations and faith-based organizations. There’s value in getting off-site for a retreat, and having an intentional focus for this time away.

As retreatants pray together and work through their agenda in a relaxed, comfortable environment, God grants clarity of purpose and vision, and a unified commitment for the next steps.

Both the Main House and the Guest House are available for group retreats. There are two meeting rooms as well as breakout rooms, outdoor spaces and 10 bedrooms.

At the Main House there is a family room that can seat 10 comfortably. The Guest House property has a meeting room which can seat up to 18 people depending on the configuration. Both rooms are fully equipped with laptop and DVD player hookups to large screens, whiteboards, and wireless internet. The living room spaces and sunroom can be used for breakout sessions and hangout areas. In nice weather, retreatants are invited to enjoy the outdoor spaces at either house.

Meeting Room - Casual
Meeting Room - U Shape

Family Room
Meeting Room - Rows
Living Room

Group Retreat Request

Organizing a group retreat has some challenges — schedule conflicts, last minute cancellations or additions, dietary requirements, and rooming preferences. The process of information gathering and subsequent changes is typical of any group. We will maintain our correspondence with you in preplanning the event to ensure the retreat runs as smoothly as possible. The form that follows is our starting point. 

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