From time to time we become aware of individuals and couples that really need a retreat time away but are unable to afford it. Maybe you know someone in the same position.

Sometimes there are pastors or Christian leaders who just need to get away and spend some uninterrupted time with God – to rest, reflect, and renew. They are often tired from the demands of ministry or need some time to seek God’s direction as they move forward.

If you would like to sponsor one of these individuals, couples, pastors or Christian leaders to attend a retreat, please contact us by email at bonnie_delia@pearable.com or call 905-468-7515. This could be the way you can partner with Pearable Ministries to see others receive the help they need on their journey.

Gift Certificates

Perhaps you would like to bless someone with a time away on spiritual retreat. You can email bonnie_delia@pearable.com or call 905-468-7515 for gift certificates of varying lengths of time.


Pearable Ministries frequently serves groups on spiritual retreat. There are always many chores to be done both inside and out. As the saying goes: many hands make light work.

If you would like to minister to the people who come here by helping us with housekeeping chores, yard work, gardening, maintenance, painting, or hospitality, email bonnie_delia@pearable.com or call 905-468-7515. We would love to hear from you!

Our hope is to see many volunteers become “Friends of Pearable”.